REDsdk 4.0 adds unbiased rendering

  • Unbiased pathtracing
  • Support of the Embree API from Intel©
  • Support of multiple cutting planes

Unbiased rendering: increase quality and accuracy of previsualization

The new unbiased path tracing feedback can provide a quick preview of the final rendering. It adds more accuracy to preview photo-realistic effects than standard real time display techniques.

REDsdk pathtracing zoom-in

Support of the Embree API from Intel©: reduce your rendering time by 15% to 30%

Embree is a popular API developed by Intel© to accelerate the processing of ray-tracing images. REDsdk embeds Embree as a rendering option. It leverages Embree acceleration while keeping all REDsdk value added features such as double precision meshes, displacement, rendering of lines and points or the support of operating systems anterior to Windows 7.

Intel® Embree rendering

Support of multiple cutting planes: get rid of GPU limitations about multiple cutting planes

Multiple cutting planes enable users to cut geometries by multiple independent planes to get closed surfaces or contours in order to apply hatches for 2D industrial views of a 3D model. REDsdk combines the use of the GPU (i.e. graphic card) and a pure software approach to provide a fast and very flexible method. No more limitation of the GPU where cutting planes equations cannot be freely chosen and cut section meshes with contours cannot be extracted.

REDsdk multiple cutting planes screenshot