REDsdk 4.2: photo-realism in real-time!

  • Global illumination baking solution
  • Animation framework
  • Complete day & night sky model
  • Enhanced realistic material
  • New hardware support for GPUs and VR

Global illumination and light baking solution

REDsdk has been offering 2D & 3D features for real-time visualization and photo-realistic rendering for many years, but the visual quality gap has continuously increased between these two rendering modes over time. REDsdk 4.2 enables to add some preprocessed photo-realistic rendering effects to a real-time visualization in order to reduce this quality difference. These effects include a very high quality Global Illumination, as well as all the lights and shadows which may be contained in your 3D scene.
On the right-side picture, you can see a scene where the user can navigate freely in real-time after a very short preprocessing time (between 1 to 3 minutes depending on the visual quality expected).
This functionality enables REDsdk users to benefit from the “unified graphics” feature, even if they are mainly focused on real-time visualization.

Global Illumination baking solution

Animation framework

REDsdk 4.2 improves its support in terms of animations. While PSK (rotation, translation & scale) and key-framed animations have been supported for many releases already, mesh skinning, skeletal animations and animation clips are now supported with blending and new animation controllers are exposed in REDsdk.
These animations can be loaded from / saved to files, which can have the RED or FBX format at the user’s convenience.

Animation screenshot

Complete day & night sky model

REDsdk expands its sky model by adding the night as well, with the support of the sun, the moon and stars. The simulation of the turbidity (i.e. haziness) has been improved and works from all altitudes.
The simulation is as realistic as possible, by implementing a multiple scattering physical model.
Users can render the sky / night through a composite texture in order to refine it simultaneously with their 3D scene.

Night sky model with stars

Enhance realistic material

REDsdk has been offering the realistic material to its users for many releases already. This material ensures a physically correct conservation of the light energy between the parts absorbed, reflected and transmitted by the material and thus the realism of the rendering.
Many new controls have been added to the realistic material in order to add visual effects (like the textures for the reflection glossiness and the refraction glossiness below) or improve the realism (like the transmission scattering and reflection fog on the right-side picture).

Fog effect screenshot

New hardware support for GPUs and VR

As for each release, REDsdk has been tested and validated on the latest GPUs (i.e. graphic card or graphic chipsets) from Amd, Intel and Nvidia in order to offer a robust and reliable set of functionalities to its users.
Also, our engineers synchronized REDsdk with the latest version of the Oculus SDK.

Oculus screenshot