class RED::ShaderProgramID

Identifier of a shader program. More...

#include <REDShaderProgramID.h>

Public functions:

ShaderProgramID ( )
~ShaderProgramID ( )
boolIsValid ( ) const

Detailed description:

Identifier of a shader program.

An instance of this class is returned by a call to RED::IResourceManager::LoadShaderFromString. Alternatively, applications that are using built-in REDsdk shaders can retrieve a RED::ShaderProgramID from a call to RED::IResourceManager::LoadBuiltInShaderFromID. This class stores all the necessary informations that are needed to keep track of a shader program stored by the RED::IResourceManager and used by rendering shaders.

A RED::ShaderProgramID is used by a RED::RenderShader, through RED::RenderShader::SetVertexProgramID, RED::RenderShader::SetPixelProgramID or RED::RenderShader::SetGeometryProgramID.

From a REDsdk client application, the class can be used as an opaque type.

Functions documentation

Default construction method. Builds an invalid program ID.

See also Writing a custom software rendering shader.

Destruction method.

public bool RED::ShaderProgramID::IsValid() const

Checks the value of the program ID.


true if we have a valid program ID, false otherwise.