file REDFileSystemTools.h

File manipulation functions prototypes. More...

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#defineRED_FILE_READ_OK 04

Detailed description:

File manipulation functions prototypes.

All functions needed to encapsulate operating systems differences in the way to access information on the file system: Load files, check access rights, write files, list a directory content, etc...
These functions properly operate on all supported platforms in unicode, and translate operating system return codes into RED codes.

Defines documentation

#define RED_FILE_EXISTS 00

Flag to use to check if a file or directory exists on the targeted system.

#define RED_FILE_READ_OK 04

Flag to use to access a file or directory for reading only. If this right is provided, and the access is successful, the file obviously exists. Thus, there's no need to combine both rights.

Flag to use to access a file or directory for writing. If this right is provided, the file or directory can also be read.