Advanced real-time rendering

REDsdk is a very flexible graphical toolkit that operates at a quite "low level". Indeed, REDsdk can be used to build many different kind of graphical applications and it does not force any application to comply to a graphic style or way of organizing data.

However, it can be quite consuming for a REDsdk programmer to assemble all layers needed to produce cutting-edge real-time graphics. Unlike photo-realistic rendering which is quite straightforward, rendering real-time data with a top level quality implies the construction of a rather complex rendering pipeline in order to mimic photo-realistic features in real-time.

That's why REDsdk also features an advanced real-time rendering module - built on top of the core REDsdk - that delivers a ready-to-use data production and display workflow, aimed at rendering advanced real-time graphics. This book will detail all features accessible through this module that can be used to assemble a full graphics application from the ground up in a short time.

This book is split in several sections:

Sunset over a factory in the desert