Adding REDsdk into a development filetree

Once REDsdk has been installed, an easy way to extract REDsdk is to directly copy the REDsdk.m folder contents into the filetree of your own application. REDsdk.m contains everything that is needed to compile, link and run an application using REDsdk:

This REDsdk.m folder should be taken as a whole: each new REDsdk version will contain a new version of this folder.

Needed libraries for link

REDsdk has only a few binaries:

Dependencies on windows

So, REDsdk does not have any dependency over any software package except if .FBX files are to be loaded. In this case, the Visual Studio 2010 redistributable package is needed to operate the Autodesk .FBX library. dependency

From the version 4.3 some features of REDsdk depend on a external file. This file is provided with REDsdk next to the executables in the "BuildImage/config/" directory. Current features in need of this file are:

The file should be placed next to the final executable. Otherwise, if a call to a function that uses it is done, an error will be thrown.