Getting support

REDWAY3D delivers support for REDsdk users, depending on the purchased edition of REDsdk:

EvaluationEnterpriseSoftware vendors
DistributionPersonal useCommercial, per end-user seatCommercial, royalty-based or royalty-free
PlatformsWindows, Linux, MacOSWindows, Linux, MacOSWindows, Linux, MacOS
Complete REDsdk features setYesYesYes
Documentation & tutorialsYesYesYes
Commercial distributionNoYesYes (royalty-based or royalty-free)
Bug reportNoYesYes, hot fixes in 6 days maximum
E-mail and phone supportNoNoYes
On site trainingNoNoYes
Multi-versions maintenanceNoNoYes
REDnet (additional module)NoYesYes, optional
REDresources (additional module)NoNoYes, optional


As a non contractual summary, the 'evaluation' is free, and limited to a personal use for product evaluation needs. The 'enterprise' version can be used for commercial product, with one license to purchase for each end-user seat; whereas the 'software vendors' version allow for a commercial product distribution for an unlimited number of seats. The 'software vendors' version of REDsdk exists in royalty-free or royalty-based models.

Exact rights granted by each version can be found in the REDsdk setup 'End User Licensing Agreement' (EULA).


All downloadable versions of REDsdk are supplied for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Windows and Linux versions are x86 and x64; MacOS version is x64.

To ease multi-platform development, any REDsdk setup contains all the binaries for all supported REDsdk operating systems.


All downloadable versions of REDsdk contain the same complete feature set accessible for all REDsdk based applications.


The current REDsdk version is upgraded on average every 4 to 6 months. All users of REDsdk are entitled the right to use the latest REDsdk version available from the REDWAY3D website.

Accessing REDsdk resources

The full documentation of REDsdk is at the disposal of any user of the free 'evaluation' version and of course at the disposal of all REDsdk users. The documentation can be accessed off-line after installing REDsdk, or it can also be accessed online from, in the support section of the website.

More information can be found from REDWAY3D:

Reporting bugs or asking for new features

Bugs reports or feature requests can all be issued from the customer zone of the REDWAY3D website: The image below should appear in your browser:

The main page of the customer zone (before login).

Then, please enter your login credentials in the upper right corner of the window. Note that login credentials are received by 'enterprise' customers. After login, you should be redirected to the REDsdk project page:

An example view of the REDsdk project.

From this, you can:

A task is either a bug report or a request for enhancement. Tasks have several information fields common to many bug reporting systems (category, severity, summary, description, status, resolution type, closing date,...). The creation of tasks, comments in tasks will be the tools that you'll need to use to discuss with REDWAY3D developers for all issues that you may face using REDsdk.

Emailing to support

Questions and various issues and bugs can be reported by sending an email to

Only reports from 'software vendors' licensees will be taken into consideration. Mails issued from 'evaluation' version and 'enterprise' version users will be automatically discarded. 'enterprise' customers are entitled to bug report (see above).

Owners of the 'software vendors' license can receive hot-fixes for the bugs they report, in 6 business days after the reproduction of the problem at the REDWAY3D office. Owners of the 'enterprise' license will receive fixes for the bugs they have reported in the next official version of REDsdk.

On site training

Owners of the 'software vendors' license are granted a week long free training session at our office, Paris downtown. Don't miss the opportunity to visit all the city fantastic places during this period ;-)

Multiple versions maintenance

Onwers of the 'software vendors' license can get maintenance and bug fixes on two different versions of REDsdk: the latest REDsdk version and also any other older version that they still need to be supported. This allow REDsdk to remain in stable production environments for years, while still getting support and maintenance for any bug that could be found, or for hardware upgrades.