REDsdk is an native Metal based engine on all OSX systems. All hardware accelerated graphics are rendered using the Metal API.

A first important point to keep in mind is that even if for some reasons Metal can't be operated on the targeted system, REDsdk can still run in software. As REDsdk is a hybrid hardware / software rendering engine, it can use whatever is best to leverage the host system capabilities (see Software startup for details).

Metal initialization in REDsdk

The creation of the first window using RED::Factory::CreateREDWindow initializes Metal in REDsdk.

Integration of REDsdk in an existing Metal application

REDsdk can be added to an existing Metal application without breaking that application's rendering pipeline. For this a REDsdk window can be initialized from an existing application Metal command queue. This procedure uses the RED::WindowRenderInfo class to supply external informations to the RED::Factory::CreateWindow method. See all the details in Integration into an existing Metal application.