Importing data

This book details possible ways to import your existing data into a REDsdk application, without having to write a geometry importer on your own. It's simply organized by the format or third party application used to do the operation.

3ds Max import plug-in for REDsdk

REDsdk features an auxiliary plug-in for 3dsMax. This plug-in needs to be installed with Autodesk's 3ds Max and can then be used to import or export data in or out of 3dsMax. So any model that can be visualized in 3dsMax can be converted into REDsdk data. Learn more here: Autodesk 3dsMax plug-in.

Teigha vectorization device for DWG import

REDsdk is connected to the DWG world through the Open Design Alliance platform that can be used to read DWG files and have them converted to the native REDsdk data format by the dedicated REDsdk vectorization device for Teigha. See all the details here: DWG import using Teigha.

Import Parasolid files

Parasolid files can be converted into native REDsdk data using the REDsdk bridge for Parasolid. See it here: Parasolid import.

Loading and saving other file formats

For the version 4.1, REDsdk can now load and save data in the FBX and OBJ file formats. These import/export operations can be done using the RED::IOTools API. Learn more here: Input-Output API.

Importing images

Some image file formats can be natively read by REDsdk to generate REDsdk texture images directly. See all details in the RED::ImageTools API.