Non photo realistic rendering (NPR)

One of the goals of non photo realistic rendering techniques is to simulate artistic, handmade, sketchs out of 2D or 3D models. This can be quite a complex topic because the human behavior is all but easy to mimic. REDsdk can be used to generate NPR images such as the one below:

An example of non photo realistic rendering achieved with REDsdk.

There's no built-in solution for NPR rendering available directly from within REDsdk. However, we'll get into the details on how to use REDsdk to generate two styles of renderings.

Cartoon rendering

An example of REDsdk usage to generate a cartoon style shading, in real-time or in software

The Cartoon shading tutorial will detail how custom shaders can be simply set to provide a toon style rendering to any geometry displayed by REDsdk.

Sketch rendering

Another example of REDsdk usage to generate a sketch style image.

The Sketch rendering tutorial will detail how this type of result can be achieved, mainly as a post-processing.