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This book is about all the changes that have occurred for every REDsdk release since REDsdk 4.0.

REDsdk versions

VersionKey changesDetails
5.0Ray-tracer image denoiser,
Polyhedral Hidden Lines Removal algorithm,
Advanced high-end real-time graphics.
REDsdk 5.0
4.3Clouds in the sky,
Enhanced multiple importance sampling,
Adaptive sampling,
New post-processing controls and filters,
Error tracking tools.
REDsdk 4.3
4.2Multiple importance sampling,
Light baking solution,
Global illumination and baked lighting replay on the GPU,
Animation framework,
Complete day & night sky model,
Enhanced realistic material.
REDsdk 4.2
4.1Windows 10 support,
New .FBX, .OBJ, .DAE file importers,
Realistic material merged into REDsdk, no longer in material library,
New unbiased path tracing feedback modes,
Documentation update and new tutorials,
REDOdaDevice migrated to Teigha 4.01.
REDsdk 4.1
4.0Improved software rendering performances,
Improved GPU anti-aliasing performances,
New software sampling methods,
Multi-render target offscreen buffers,
New product documentation,
...and much more!
REDsdk 4.0

Older versions

Release notes for older REDsdk versions are accessible from the REDsdk 3.5 setup. Please contact us through if you need an access to any old REDsdk version.