REDsdk 4.1 API changes

File nameChange details
RED.hNew RED::IOTools error codes - a first range of simple codes:
REDCID.hNew classes CIDs:
  • New classes CID defines.
REDIGraphicDevice.hWindows 10 support:Mac OS X removal of driver strings that could not be customized.
REDImageTools.hAdded the RED::IFF_TGA enumeration for the loading of .TGA images.
REDIMaterial.hNew RED::IMaterial::SetupRealisticMaterial method. Directly create your own realistic materials.
REDIMaterialController.hRenamed all RED_MATCTRL_GENERIC_XXX defines into RED_MATCTRL_XXX. All properties common to the generic and realistic material share names.
REDIOTools.hNew file. Header of the RED::IOTools class.
REDISoftLight.hNew methods:
REDIWindow.hNew RED::FTF_PATH_TRACING feedback mode for all rendering methods. Uses path-tracing for the rendering.
REDRenderLayer.hNew RED::RenderLayer::LT_PATH: Accumulation render layer for the path-tracing feedback mode.
REDRenderShader.hNew RED_SHAD_TARGET_BSDF for the definition of path-tracing shaders.
REDShaderProgramID.hNew RED::SC_PATH built-in shader program category .
REDSoftShaderCallback.hNew enumeration and members of the RED::SoftFrameBufferSample class for path-tracing needs.