REDsdk 5.0

Welcome to REDsdk 5.0!

API changes

For those that directly want to jump into the details, see all API changes here: REDsdk 5.0 API changes.

Overview of changes

This new version of REDsdk is an important milestone in the development of REDsdk: One one side, it continues to expand the feature set of the core REDsdk module, adding for instance the new Image denoiser algorithm and the polyhedral Hidden Lines Removal while on the other side, it adds very high end real-time graphics capabilities to REDsdk: see details here: Advanced real-time graphics.

Advanced real-time graphics

This is a new module added to REDsdk. Jump directly to its details here: Advanced real-time rendering.

Advanced real-time graphics in a large outdoor environment.

Close-up view of a factory in a large outdoor environment.

Architectural interior rendering example.

The advanced real-time module (ART) for REDsdk is an add-on module that provides a built-in high-end graphics architecture, dedicated to the rendering of large indoor or outdoor environments in real-time. A wide number of features are included in this module. The list can be found here: Key advanced real-time features.

The ART module comes packaged with a data production workflow and a full editor. The objective is to get a complete high-end real-time graphics application assembled in a matter of minutes. Read all the details here: Advanced real-time rendering.

Image denoiser

The image denoiser is a new feature of the software ray-tracer that can be used to remove sampling noise in an image. The removal of the noise is performed at the expense of some details that can be lost in the image. It can be used to remove small remaining noise after a rendering or it can be used to clean out low quality and extremely noisy images to make them look better. Below is an example of the denoiser algorithm:

Close-up on a denoised image region.

More details on the denoiser here: Denoising if you want a bit of reading...or here to directly try it: Denoising an image!

Hidden Lines Removal

This version adds a simple method RED::ITransformShape::BuildHLR that can be used to construct a polyhedral HLR from a set of geometries in a scene graph. This is illustrated below:

Hidden Lines Removal in action.

Please refer to the Hidden Lines Removal for details on this new feature.