REDsdk 5.1 API changes

File nameChange details
ART.hGlobal namespace migration of the REDart API, from namespace RPL to namespace ART. All ART include files have been updated.New helper macros to access the most common ART objects.
ARTIAssetManager.hNew methods:Modified methods:Removed methods:
  • ART::IAssetManager::StartGeometryDefinition and StopGeometryDefinition that became useless.
ARTIGeometry.hModified methods:Removed methods:
  • Global color modifiers: SetHSLModifier, SetReflectionModifier and SetTranslucencyModifier. Now controls are in ART::IMaterials.
ARTILight.hNew methods:
ARTIMaterial.hNew file. ART material.
ARTIObserver.hNew methods:
ARTIOptions.hNew ART::DISPLAY_MODE value, ART::DM_OBJECT_ID to visualize object IDs in a scene.New API to control switching fields of views for different display categories (a star in a sky, close orbit): ART::IOptions::SetStarInTheSkyFOVRatio, ART::IOptions::SetCloseOrbitFOVRatio and corresponding accessors.Removed methods (will be remade public through another API directly at the planetary or atlas level):
  • ART::IOptions::SetStarRadianceMultiplier and ART::IOptions::GetStarRadianceMultiplier: to control the star radiance.
  • ART::IOptions::SetSkyRadianceMultiplier and ART::IOptions::GetSkyRadianceMultiplier: to control the sky radiance.
  • ART::IOptions::SetSkyMultiplier and ART::IOptions::GetSkyMultiplier: to control the visible sky intensity.
  • ART::IOptions::SetCloudsGroundAlbedo and ART::IOptions::GetCloudsGroundAlbedo: Useless after improvements of the shading model.
  • ART::IOptions::SetLightShadowMapBlur and ART::IOptions::GetLightShadowMapBlur: Moved to lights and customizable on a per light basis.
New methods:
ARTIPlanet.hNew methods:Modified methods:Removed methods:
ARTIWorld.hNew methods:Modified methods:
REDFrameStatistics.hNew RED::RENDERING_PROGRESS_STEP: RED::RPS_WORLD_GI_CACHE_PROCESSING used to track the progress of world GI caches calculations.
REDImageTools.hFixed some methods wrong prototypes.
REDIOTools.hAdded a iLocalImages parameter to choose the storage mode of images to the RED::IOTools::Load method.
REDIMaterial.hNew RED::MTL_INTERNAL pass marker that can be returned to new OpenGL material customization callback (see RED::OPENGL_MATERIAL_CALLBACK).
REDIMeshShape.hNew RED::MESH_FORMAT value: RED::MFT_HALF_FLOAT for the storage on 2 bytes floating point values.Modification of the RED::IMeshShape::Polygon method with a better management of UV textures and handling of polygon with different winding rules (RED::POLYGON_WINDING_RULE).
REDIPhysicalLightShape.hAdded a new method RED::IPhysicalLightShape::SetIESValues that can be used to supply IES values to a light without requiring an IES file to be loaded.
REDIResourceManager.hAdded new low level OpenGL customization callbacks: RED::IResourceManager::SetOpenGLMaterialCallback, RED::IResourceManager::SetOpenGLBufferCallback and RED::IResourceManager::SetOpenGLViewpointCallback, corresponding accessors and callback prototypes.
REDISoftRayContext.hModified methods:
REDISoftRenderingContext.hNew methods:
REDITransformShape.hAdded an option to preserve source IDs of shapes when calling RED::ITransformShape::BuildHLR.
REDIViewpoint.hNew RED::IViewpoint::GetRenderShaderParameters method for a direct access to camera render shader parameters.
REDIViewpointRenderList.hNew methods:Modified methods:
REDIWindow.hModified methods:
REDOptionList.hNew options:
REDRenderShaderParameter.hNew matrices parameters:New inverse matrices parameters:
REDShaderString.hNew RED::ShaderString::SmoothStep method. Equivalent to GLSL smoothstep function.
REDStateShader.hAdded a missing RED::StateShader::GetBlendingMode accessor.