REDsdk 5.2 API changes

File nameChange details
ARTIAssetManager.hNew methods and defines:
Modified methods:
  • ART::IAssetManager::GenerateGeometryVertexAO: More precise specification for the ground.
ARTIGeometry.hNew methods:
Modified methods:
ART::ILight.hRemoved defined:
  • ART::LT_SPOT: Is now assimilated to the ART::LT_POINT with a spot angle.
New methods:
ARTIMaterial.hAll new methods for the setup and configuration of a material.
ARTIOptions.hNew methods:
Modified methods:
  • ART::IOptions::SetPlanetGeometricalUpdateTime becomes ART::IOptions::SetPlanetGeometricalOpsPerFrame: uses a fixed number of operations rather than a timer. Generates more stable FPS.
ARTIWorld.hNew methods:
Modified methods:
RED.hNew defines for error code handling.
REDBoundingSphere.hNew methods for handling AABBs (informative only. AABBs are not used internally).
REDIImage2D.hNew methods:
REDImageTools.hNew methods:
REDIMaterial.hNew methods:
Modified methods:
REDIMaterialController.hNew defines:
REDIMeshShape.hModified methods:
REDIOptions.hNew options:
REDIOTools.hModified methods:
REDIPhysicalLightShape.hNew methods:
REDIResourceManager.hNew methods:
REDIShape.hNew methods:
REDISoftRenderingContext.hModfied methods:
REDITextShape.hNew methods:
REDIViewpointRenderList.hModfied methods:
REDQuaternion.hNew methods:
REDRandom.hNew methods:
REDRenderCode.hNew methods:
REDRenderShaderParameter.hNew references:
REDShaderString.hNew Apple Metal helpers.
REDVersion.hModified constructor and new helper to handle the source code branch number.