REDsdk 5.3new

Welcome to REDsdk 5.3!

API changes

For those that directly want to jump into the details, see all API changes here: REDsdk 5.3 API changes.

Overview of changes

The main feature available with REDsdk 5.3 is the integration of the Intel Open Image Denoiser, using extra libraries from Intel that can be loaded up. See the Denoising with Intel Open Image Denoise to jump into the details. Using the Intel Denoiser is performed as a post-processing step, unlike REDsdk's denoiser.

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REDsdk native denoiser on the left and the Intel denoiser on the right.

Among other changes: REDsdk's Metal support has been slightly enhanced, fixing a number of back-end hardware issues. AMD support had to be modified a lot after a few Adrenalin driver issues atfer version 21.4.

REDart has been evolved a lot and continue to be improved both in quality and performance. We can list:

A sample water pool rendering example.