REDsdk 5.3 API changes

  • ART::IPlanet::GetLandscapeRealHeight: query with optional geometry filtering parameters.
  • File nameChange details
    ARTFactory.hUpdated class IDs.
    ARTIAssetManager.hNew methods:
    Modified methods:
    Removed methods:
    • Ground field methods. Replaced with decals from the editor.
    ARTIAtlas.hNew file with atmospheric control API.
    ARTIEntity.hNew methods:
    • Animation control API.
    ARTIGeometry.hModified methods:
    New methods:
    Removed methods:
    • ART::IGeometry::SetGroundElevation. Elevation sculpting is now performed using editor decals.
    ARTIMaterial.hNew methods:
    • New water material parameters API.
    • IOR and glossiness control.
    • Emissive material control methods.
    • PBR material control methods.
    ARTIObserver.hNew methods:
    ARTIOptions.hModified methods:
    Removed methods:
    • ART::IOptions::GetAtlasPrismsDensityRatio and corresponding Set method.
    ARTIPlanet.hModified method:
    • ART::IPlanet::SetEnvironment: Added an environment intensity scaling factor and corresponding accessors.
    • Fixed some API constness mistakes.
    New methods:
    • Wind API: ART::IPlanet::SetWindDirection and other wind control methods.
    • Geometry lazy ground updates control API: API that allow a geometry that has to modify the ground to retain its action until a flush command is issued.
    ARTIReflectionProbe.hNew methods:
    Modified methods:
    ARTIStatistics.hNew methods:
    • Auxiliary rendering time queries (for planar reflections).
    ARTIWorld.hNew methods:
    Modified methods:
    RED.hNew error codes:
    REDImageTools.hNew methods:
    Modified methods:
    REDIGeometryDatabase.hNew method:
    REDIMeshShape.hNew methods:
    REDITransformShape.hNew method:
    REDIViewpointRenderList.hNew method:
    REDNoise.hFixed API constness mistakes.
    REDOptionList.hNew option:
    REDSoftShaderCallback.hNew parameter:
    REDWindowRenderInfo.hNew methods:
    Modified methods: