Point shapes

The point shape displays groups of points on screen. It behaves exactly as the Mesh shapes or Line shapes.

The point shape is created using the RED::Factory and the CID_REDPointShape, as all other shapes: See Creating and destroying shapes for details. It implements the given set of interfaces:

RED::IPointShapePoint management API.
RED::IShapeGlobal shape API. Controls shape tree navigation and shape attributes.
RED::IUserDataUser data API to store application custom data associated to a shape.
RED::IChunkSaverShape serialization interface.
RED::IReferenceSolvingShape serialization interface.

The point shape works exactly as the mesh does: APIs are very similar for the management of data arrays: See Geometry definition APIs for all the details. However, the registration of points to be displayed uses RED::IPointShape::AddPoints.

Point shapes are using the same primitive indexing. While it could sound a bit redundant at a first look, we have kept an indexed rendering system for points to have points behave like the other geometry shapes. Therefore, to render points 0, 1, 2 you need to have data arrays with 3 points at least AND a point index that contain 0, 1, 2 to draw.

Point shapes can share their data as line shape or mesh shapes do. The mechanisms are identical and detailed in the Mesh shapes page.