Change a shape visibility using layersets

Learn how a simple call at the RED::IViewpoint level can change the entire visibility of a scene graph thanks to layersets.

Creating a Layerset

Learn how to create a RED::LayerSet object with some layers.

Creating and destroying shapes

Learn how to create and destroy shapes and how to properly destroy hierarchies of shapes in a scene graph.

Streaming a DAG to a .red file

This task demonstrate how to stream a in-memory DAG to a .red file.

Update bounding spheres for a hierarchy of shapes

Learn how to use the RED::ITransformShape::UpdateBoundingSpheres call to generate a hierarchy of bounding spheres for the culling.

Adding or removing children from a transform shape

Get the few lines of codes needed to assemble a hierarchy of shapes in a scene graph.

Setup a mesh geometry channels

See the example of a mesh creation in detail with different geometry channels being setup.

Creating a font

Create a font and specify its rendering parameters.

Creating a text shape

Create a text shape in a few lines of code, assign a font to it.

Creating an instanced shape

Create a shape that is instantiated several times with different positions.

Creating a polygon shape

How to create a polygon shape from a list of contours.