Saving and loading a GI cache

GI caches can be directly saved in a .red file:

// "red_file" is a pointer to an already open .red file.
// "gi_cache" is a pointer to an existing GI cache.
RED::IREDFile* ifile = red_file->As< RED::IREDFile >();

RED::StreamingPolicy policy;
RC_TEST( ifile->Write( gi_cache, policy, resmgr ) );

When GI caches are present in a loaded .red file, there are accessible through the RED::IDataManager interface in the Miscellaneous objects section:

// "ctx" is the list of contexts created by loading the .red file.
RED::IResourceManager* iresmgr = resmgr->As< RED::IResourceManager >();
RED::IDataManager* idatamgr = iresmgr->GetDataManager()->As< RED::IDataManager >();

// In this example, we assume that the GI cache is located in the first context at the first position:
RC_TEST( idatamgr->GetMiscObject( gi_cache, ctx[0], 0 ) );