Setting up a REDsdk per-seat license

Customers who purchased REDsdk on-line have received a unique customer ID (after the on-line acceptance of the EULA). This customer ID is the only information needed to register their REDsdk-based application:

// Initial creation or access to the resource manager:
RED::Object* resmgr = RED::Factory::CreateInstance( CID_REDResourceManager );
if( !resmgr )
  exit( 1 );

// Assuming we have a customer ID.
unsigned int customer_id = 123456789;

// Supply licensing informations to REDsdk:
RED::ILicense* ilicense = resmgr->As< RED::ILicense >();
RC_TEST( ilicense->SetOnlineLicense( customer_id ) );

// Verify activation of the product:
bool is_activated;
RC_TEST( ilicense->IsProductActivated( is_activated, RED::PROD_REDSDK ) );
if( is_activated == false )
  // We're in trouble. Maybe '123456789' does not work ;-)
  exit( 1 );

The on-line licensing process can fail for several reasons. In such cases, the RED::ILicense::SetOnlineLicense returns a code describing the error. In rare situations, Redway3d's servers can be down. To check that the service is up and running, please go to Check REDsdk licensing server on-line.