REDnet tutorials

My first peer

This tutorial shows how you can easily turn your REDsdk-based application into a REDnet peer capable of sending and receiving data over the network.

Registering to the dispatcher

This tutorial shows how REDnet peers can register themselves to the REDnet dispatcher application.

HTML 5 client

This tutorial demonstrates how a rendering server can send an image to a peer connected to it through HTML 5.

HTML 5 client broadcast

This tutorial demonstrates how a single rendering server can broadcast the same image to several peers connected to it through HTML 5.

Server sharing

This tutorial explains how the same machine can be used to run several rendering servers in parallel to serve more rendering requests.

Implementing a rendering server and client

This set of two tutorials explores how REDnet can be used to implement a peer-to-peer communication between two programs. One of the programs is used as a rendering server to process images while the other acts as the rendering client.