Rendering tutorials

Denoising an image

This tutorial explains how the denoiser can be used to remove noise in an image.

Rendering large images

The purpose of this tutorial is to learn how to render images which are larger than the screen.

Lighting with physical lights

This tutorial explains how to lit a scen with physical lights.

Outdoor lighting

This tutorial illustrates how you can setup a physically accurate daylight system.

Generic material

This tutorial illustrates the usage of the generic material.

Using the realistic material

This tutorial explains how to load a realistic material, duplicate it and assign it to mesh shapes.

Writing a custom software rendering shader

In this tutorial, we will learn how to write our first software shaders.

Adding displacement mapping to a material

This tutorial is an example of displacement mapping and shows how it improves the visual quality of a model compared to a classical bump mapping.

Rendering volumetric effects

This is a tutorial about volumetric rendering. It describes the functions and parameters to add simple volumetric effects in a basic scene.

Defining a custom volumetric effect

In this tutorial, you will learn how to extend the RED::VolumetricEffect class to create a custom volumetric effect.

Rendering volumetric clouds

How to setup RED::VolumetricEffectClouds to render different types of high definition clouds layers.

Sketch rendering

Learn how you can use REDsdk to create new rendering styles easily.

Tracing custom rays

Learn how you can use the REDsdk ray-tracing acceleration structure to process rays for your own needs.

Applying tone mapping on a completed image

How to continue to apply tone mapping on a software rendered image even after the rendering is finished?


Learn how to turn on path-tracing for the rendering of images.

Rendering skies

This tutorial demonstrates the REDsdk physical sky model.

Using skylight portals

This tutorial shows how to add portals to enhance the quality of an indoor rendering made using a skylight.

Background clouds

Learn how to add clouds to your background sky texture.