Company Overview

Lionel-Schmitt Renaud-Deparis Fabien-Chauviré

Incorporated 2004, REDWAY3D developed and patented the sole 2D and 3D engine covering the whole spectrum of rendering needs from real time to high quality rendering. The REDWAY3D mission is to push the standard for software rendering quality and performance to best level possible. Our customers are 2D and 3D software programmers from the CAD/CAM, AEC, configuration & design, digital imaging and simulation markets.

RED is the core technology of all products sold by REDWAY3D. It covers all the graphics features for real-time 2D, real-time 3D and photo-realistic visualization. From the beginning the technology was designed to be 100% dynamic, scalable, taking the best of the rasterization & ray tracing worlds … while being as much accelerated as possible by the GPU. The RED technology can be integrated inside any software, through its 3D / C++ Software Development Kit called REDsdk.

REDWAY3D has steadily built successful commercial partnerships with leading ISV and industrial companies across the globe. The REDWAY3D team is dedicated to graphics innovation and superior technical support. We are focused on meet industrial requirements for visualization, such as; long term coding stability, legacy support, comprehensive documentation, robust technology and responsiveness to our customers’ needs.

Our mission is to push software rendering quality and performance to the world’s best performance level.