“The power and advanced features of today’s AMD FirePro workstation graphics accelerators enable 3D professionals to increase their productivity and boost their creativity,” said Robert Jamieson, EMEA Workstation Graphics Marketing Manager for AMD. “The combination of REDWAY3D rendering technology and FirePro graphics accelerators from AMD enable customers to visualize in real-time effects that would not have been possible in the past.”


C3D Labs

“We are working on a number of new projects now, and we found that we needed a visualization application th at would take full advantage of today’s powerful graphics cards, and would provide us with high quality images,” said Vladimir Panchenko, deputy head of new projects department of ASCON. “After we completed comparative testing, we chose the REDsdk solution from REDWAY3D. We were attracted not only to their support for a wide range of graphics cards, but also to their ability to provide a single solution for real-time visualization and for generating photorealistic images.”



“Workstations are used in environments where specialized applications demand the best from hardware and the user,” said Kenneth del Rio van Heese, EMEA Marketing Manager for DELL Workstations. “For our users its all about finding the right tool for the job, ensuring them a system compatible and optimized for their specialized application. The REDWAY3D rendering technology greatly enhance the DELL Precision value proposition, enabling our users to get the most out of their hardware and key applications”.



“The combination of REDWAY3D technology and dual processor Intel® Xeon® 5600 based workstations are helping users to quickly and efficiently render and ray trace complex 3D scenes with spectacular quality,” said Wes Shimanek, Workstation Product Manager, Intel Corporation. “What this means is that workstation users from vendors like Boxx, Dell, Fujitsu, HP and Lenovo will be able to see realistic digital mockups before the first one is ever built. This reduces the time to sort through more ideas and helps to dramatically cut physical prototype cost and product development time.”



“We are very happy to join forces with the REDWAY3D team”, says Joe Walsh, founder of intrinSIM. “REDsdk provides what many players in the software industry need: unified graphics from real-time to photo-realistic visualization on all devices from desktop to Cloud and all that with an unprecedented balance of graphics performance and quality. Backed up by outstanding support and broad customer experience, REDsdk truly delivers commercially proven next generation graphics technology today.”



“The RED engine unleashes the power of NVIDIA® Quadro professional graphics by managing real-time and ray traced 3D from the same API, allowing programmers to easily exploit all the benefits of the latest NVIDIA® hardware,” said Jeff Brown, general manager, Professional Solutions, NVIDIA®. “As NVIDIA® continues to innovate graphics features and performance, the use of the RED middleware assures programmers are up-to-date with all the features and performance of the NVIDIA® hardware.”


Open Design Alliance (ODA)

The ODA is actively developing partnerships with component providers, including REDWAY3D, to offer grap hics solutions to ODA members. This collaboration will allow our members to offer improved 2D and 3D graphics performance to their end-users” said Arnold Van Der WEIDE, ODA President. Neil PETERSON, ODA CTO, added, “While ODA members will still have the standard OpenGL and DirectX device options, REDWAY3D is the only device to offer a plug-in approach to the ODA graphics device system. This approach validates the graphics device concept common to all ODA APIs and thus provides native and stable DWGdirect and DGNdirect compatibility.”


Siemens PLM Software

“As software vendors who implement Parasolid are enabling their users to model products of increasing complexity, it is important to use visualization software that complements the capabilities and performance of our 3D solid modeling kernel,” said Evan Knuttila, VP of PLM Component Sales, Siemens PLM Software. “The REDsdk 2D & 3D graphics toolkit provides an innovative way to provide real-time and photo-realistic renderings of Parasolid models.”