Any HTML 5 compatble device

Both GPU and CPU renderings

Windows, Linux, or Mac OS servers

All data remains on the servers


REDnet is an add-on module for REDsdk that enables the cloud (public or private) to process your graphics, wherever you are, whatever your device is. REDnet leverages the rendering capabilities of REDsdk and requires REDsdk to work. With REDnet, remote on-site review, distant collaboration and distributed real-time work on large data models becomes a reality. Simply connect to a REDnet enabled application with your smart phone, tablet or laptop. REDnet can run on Windows, Linux or Mac OS based Servers leveraging the REDsdk unique hybrid rendering technologies where both GPU and CPU renderings are supported to deliver the best visual experience from any server architecture.

With REDnet, you can build next generation applications using advanced remote browser based real-time visualization of very large models and all the data remains on the server:

  • You leverage the server processing power whatever your device is.
  • There is no data download time that exists with other approaches like WebGL
  • There are no security issues due to the transfer of critical data
  • Zero footprint remote visualization with no client application required
  • More than just running an application remotely with graphics capture


REDnet makes it possible to let the cloud process your real-world complex graphics, wherever you are, whatever your device is


REDnet screenshot