Comprehensive material library

Ready to use and configurable materials

Advanced management of light energy

Material editor included


REDresources is an add-on module for REDsdk that enables configuration of advanced photo-realistic materials for 2D/3D rendering. The configuration is as simple as copy/paste or drag/drop operations. REDresources offers unified graphics configurations to provide the best quality materials in real-time mode and advanced visualization when using REDsdk in photo-realistic mode. REDresources leverages the rendering capabilities of REDsdk and requires REDsdk to work.

REDresources offers more than 1000 different materials (and is growing) that are sorted in different categories: Bricks, Concretes, Fabrics, Glasses, Industrial, Jewelry, Metal, Miscellaneous, Plasters, Plastics, Realistic, Stones, Tiles, Veneers, Woods. All materials are delivered in an HTML catalog, where each material can be visualized on a display stand which will reveal how the material behaves in terms of lighting, shadowing, reflection, refraction, etc. with a neutral environment. Material characteristics, like its size, tilling or taint, can be changed without the need to get access to more material definitions. Each material offers a real-time preview when necessary, without the need to synchronize real-time and photo-realistic versions.

The REDresources material editor is a end-user authoring tool that can be used to create custom materials, based on the realistic RED material in the library. The realistic RED material ensures a correct management of the light energy depending on three fundamental parameters, diffusion, reflection and transmission. Using that material, you can simulate real-life surfaces based on support for Fresnel equations and anisotropic reflections. The REDresources material editor can be used to generate material templates. A material template can be used to migrate a full set of existing textures onto a set of pre-defined material parameters enabling migration of existing texture libraries to a REDsdk based high quality display solution.


REDresources enables using advanced photo-realistic materials without artistic or computer graphics knowledge