High performance 2D visualization

Extreme performance real time 3D

Photo-realistic pictures & animations

Desktop to cloud implementations

Unified Graphics SDK

REDsdk is a unified Graphics C++ visualization toolkit to meet your visualization needs on all devices from the desktop to the cloud providing all the graphics features for real-time 2D, real-time 3D and photo-realistic rendering through a single integrated API. REDsdk is a multi-threaded Unicode engine featuring a transaction system to ensure safe edition of data in multi-threaded concurrent environments. REDsdk also covers related capabilities such as graphic data management, visualization layout, material and lighting setup, application interaction and rendering. The REDsdk architecture is open and all classes in the foundation layer can be customized providing a flexible incremental approach for integration into your existing applications by co-existing with other graphics assets allowing a smooth transition to next generation graphics. REDsdk imports/exports data from a variety of sources and has bridges with key industrial components such as Parasolid® from Siemens, Teigha®, Ascon’s C3D math kernel or Autodesk 3dsMax®. Contact Us to understand further how REDsdk can make your software ‘s visualization stand out above competition. Learn More


REDsdk covers all the graphics features for real-time 2D, real-time 3D and photo-realistic rendering using a single integrated API.



Visualize Any Model

REDsdk makes it possible to process millions of graphic primitives that can be visualized interactively on any device including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. With the REDnet add-on, on-site review, distant collaboration or remote work on huge data models becomes real. Simply connect with your smart phone, tablet or laptop and run it in your browser; REDnet lets you connect through any HTML 5 compatible device. All model data remains on the server, so there is no model download time and there are no security issues due to the transfer of critical model data since only images are sent to the client layer through the network. Contact Us to understand further how REDsdk + REDnet can make your software’s visualization available anywhere. Learn More


Unprecedented Balance

REDsdk allows you to find the optimum balance of performance and visual quality for your application by using proprietary data organization algorithms and a hybrid rendering technology to enhance the performance and visual quality to deliver the best user experience. REDsdk natively embeds two different rendering technologies;
1. A hardware accelerated (GPU) display engine for all hardware platforms and
2. A software display technique based on progressive refinement ray-tracing.
Both technologies can work separately or at the same time producing the same images for the same data, and the technologies share the data that they visualize. Contact Us to understand further how REDsdk can improve your software’s visualization capabilities. Learn More


Optimized Performance

REDWAY3D engineers have put extensive effort into the hardware accelerated performance and reliability, carefully implementing the best performance code paths for each instance of graphic hardware. REDsdk delivers a cutting edge hardware accelerated display quality with the best performance the hardware can deliver. The ray-tracer in REDsdk is capable of using all available CPU cores of the target platform with almost linear scaling with the number of CPU cores available for the rendering and provides a very accurate real-time scene feedback before the image calculation is complete. REDsdk enables you to store and display data at single or double precision. Contact Us to understand further how REDsdk can improve your software’s visualization performance. Learn More


Commercially Proven

REDsdk is used worldwide by a diverse range of companies in the marketing, manufacturing, simulation, AEC and design markets including: Missler Software, 2020, Bricsys, Airbus, Configura Sverige AB, Intergraph, Taylor James, and many more. REDsdk documentation is organized into a programming guide, a tutorials guide with 100+ tutorials including source code, a hardware reference and API documentation. REDWAY3D provides its customers unmatched technical support with a commitment to provide bug fixes within one week of bug verification. Learn More