Kitchen and Bathroom Design

True photo-realistic rendering quality

Enable “WOW” effect

Mistaken for true photos

Repurpose legacy materials and models


2020, a leading global supplier of computer-aided design, business and manufacturing software for the interior design and furniture industries, offers solutions that cover the entire supply chain, from plant floor to point of sale. 2020 Inc was acquired on September 13, 2012 by an affiliate of Vector Capital Corporation. 2020 wanted to provide its customers with the ultimate experience based on truly photo-realistic visualization that could be mistaken for a photograph.

REDsdk enabled the solution

REDsdk provided a flexible approach for integration that allowed for migration from their existing rendering solution to truly photo-realistic visualization. This approach leveraged both the REDsdk photo-realistic rendering and the material editor from REDresources to enable a successful migration of legacy content for use in the updated “WOW” graphics.

2020 speaks out

“2020 developed in-house and also purchased from 3rd parties different photo-realistic solutions in its history, so several engineers at 2020 have a deep knowledge of photo-realistic rendering and also strong expectations about what they would like to achieve from a rendering solution. For 2020, moving to REDsdk simply meant moving from the “nice” rendering delivered by our former solution to an image that could be mistaken for a true photo”, said Stéphan Dagenais, Platform Manager and 2020 Design R&D Manager. “After improving our photo-realistic rendering, we realized it would be hugely beneficial to upgrade our real-time visualization as well. Indeed, our customers have been asking us for the ability to place more objects, get more detailed and realistic results, in as quickly as possible! We therefore started to research the real-time aspect of REDsdk and realized the substantial benefits of an all-in-one 2D/3D graphics engine. We could handle more objects in our scenes, give almost instant feedback to our customers with far more interactivity than ever before … In short, we could improve the complete customer experience using our software.”

“When you switch technologies, the big question is what you are going to do with the legacy content that’s been created over many years. At 2020 we had strong processes to help our customers, like kitchen and bathroom manufacturers, generate their product catalogues so they can be used interactively within 2020 Design. The change of our rendering solution seriously impacted our catalog generation workflow. Fortunately, REDWAY3D could offer a migration solution for our catalogue of materials, thanks to their material editor. In a few days, we could repurpose our legacy materials and render them using the RED engine technology”, said Jean-Claude Perraux, Team leader Design Services Platform.

“When Stéphan and Jean-Claude returned from REDWAY3D after a week of integration workshops, the 2020 board of directors could immediately see the existing objects, materials and models rendered with this new technology. The 2020 Executive Committee unanimously agreed that our original goals had been realized and that 2020 Design had achieved the “WOW” effect”, said André Chartier, Senior Vice President Product Development. “When you develop software you need to remain focused on your core business values and objectives. I am therefore delighted that the 2020 Design engineers never chose to “re-invent the wheel” when investigating the development of a rendering solution. They took a very pragmatic approach by selecting, testing and validating the best software component on the market”



“In a few days, we could repurpose our legacy materials and render them using the RED engine technology” – Jean-Claude Perraux, Team Leader Design Services Platform