Taylor James

Marketing and Advertising

3D real-time photo-realistic model

Very short time frame

Model had to be used “as is”

Compact and fast CGI creation workflow


Taylor James is a specialist in the production of CGI pictures & animations as well as the digital retouching. Based in London, their customers are the most famous worldwide marketing & communication agencies. For marketing and advertising purposes, Taylor James wanted to deliver a 3D real-time model being almost identical to the one designed to produce the CGI animation. Due to a very short time frame (one week), the watch model had to be used “as is” without modifying the original CGI model.

REDsdk enabled the solution

REDmax provided Taylor James with the ability to leverage the power of REDsdk to create the photo-realistic real-time 3D model while leveraging the model data and CG setup previously defined in Autodesk® 3dsMax® .

Taylor James speaks out

“The fact we could retrieve the geometry and the animation tracks as originally designed, saved us a lot of time”, said Keith Jeffery, Director of Business Development for Taylor James. “There are quite a lot of packages around which claim to be able to import/export geometry and animation tracks, but in reality even getting a successful geometry transfer is unusual, for the animation tracks it’s a different story. Our lighting and texturing artists then setup the model for real-time inside our DCC (Digital Content Creation) application. A real bonus was that as the model used standard materials from Autodesk® 3dsMax®, we did not have to change them at all..”

“Then we had to combine the special real-time effect with the rest of the model. With any other 3D real-time engine it would have been a real problem, but with REDsdk and its shading API, it was relatively simple to combine shaders and do real-time compositing”, concluded Keith Jeffery. “REDsdk delivered the documented features and performance after a very short learning curve. In a 3D real-time project, like any other professional project I guess, there are moments where you need support from your supplier. The engineers from REDWAY3D proved they were available and responsive each time we needed their help.”



“…with REDsdk and its shading API, it was relatively simple to combine shaders and do real-time compositing.” – Keith Jeffery, Director of Business Development